Website Broker Script

Website Broker Script helps you to own a website marketplace website to buy and sell websites, domain names and apps. Nowadays numerous numbers of websites have been developed across the world and everyone wants to sell websites due to lack of time and all choose to buy the ready made script instead of developing on their own. You can build a website like with this Flippa clone Script and you can earn money for each buying and selling of the website, which is a ready made script. You can able to lists the websites for sale and view the websites in listings too.

Domain Marketplace Script is a good revenue making model as you are allowed to make high revenue with this script, because you will get commission for the sale of each websites and you are allowed to make an auction also during the sale of particular website in order you get more money for that. In your site you can list all the websites, domain names and apps for sale, so that the buyers and sellers can interact and vend/purchase the websites. You can sell the websites by yourself and reply for the queries to your customers who want to buy the websites from you site.

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