Auction website script

The new phase of the auction website has the enormous scope and anyone can take part in live auctions which expels product sale and winning exhilarating prices. Our aim to build PHP Online Auction Script to connect the auctioneer and benefited by anenlightenedinventory in technical stuff.
The scope of the online auction system is huge,especially in eCommerce websites. In our PHP Auction Script, we have two phases, one has a user dashboard and another has an admin dashboard. With valid credentials, a visitor can register into the site to become a reliable user. In the home, page user can get some amazing deals among various products with a time limit and bid details. Auctioneers can search product by keyword with minimum and maximum prices as well user could leave a comment or feedback about the particular product.Auctioneers need to purchase a membership plan to post a product for bidding.

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