Intellectual property management script

Intellectual property management scripts our new advanced assets and property management script with flexible access and monitoring the reports or assets of the organization or personal inventories. This script is made for the professional business vendors to manage their property or assets report in easy and affordable cost with user-preferable customization by saving the time and money by avoiding the unnecessary purchase of the managing resources. This Inventory Management Scripts also made for the small and large-scale inventory companies to control the overall digital and movable property with simple access.

It is the open source inventory management PHP where the script is built up with reliable open source PHP platform to make easy and flexible customization code with unique features. The greatest advantage of our script is that we provided the script with help desk support where the tickets are listed for the user’s enquiry so it is an easy way to manage the digital property and help the organization more effectively by monitoring the inventory’s assets, license details, etc in the single store script.

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